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Plenary speakers


Rui Reis

Novel tissue engineering and regenerative medicine approaches to heal musculoskeletal tissues and their relevance to orthopaedics



United States

Theresa A. Guise

Cancer, bone, muscle and metabolism: What’s the connection?


Cato T. Laurencin

Regenerative engineering: Opportunities in a new convergence field




Invited speakers 


Gerald J. Atkins

Osteocytes and periprosthetic joint infection



Anthony S. Weiss

Elastic biomaterials and accelerated bone repair



Minghao Zheng

Long term outcomes of matrix induced autologous chondrocyte implantation (MACI) inform the importance of functional barrier structure of osteochondral unit




Johannes Giesinger

How to select and interpret patient-reported outcome measures?


Heinz Redl

Human amniotic membrane for novel applications in regenerative medicine


Sylvia Nürnberger

Cartilage as biomaterial for tissue engineering – solutions for repopulation of dense matrixes


Andreas Traweger

Tendon degeneration and repair – Lessons from tendon development and ageing





Ilse Jonkers

Advanced musculoskeletal modelling using patient-specific data the next frontier in osteoarthritis prevention




Paul E. Beaulé

The effect of surgical approach and implant design on gait analysis after total hip replacement


Amy Hoang-Kim

Methods & design: Integrating sex and gender into research


Diego Mantovani

Biodegradable metals with extreme properties for innovative biomaterials


Robin Mason

Sex and gender: Why does it matter?



James Waddell

Clinical trials on bearing surfaces in total hip replacement





Gang Li

The biological insights of distraction histogenesis and novel clinical applications


Chunming Wang

Modulating macrophage behaviour at the biomaterials-tissue interface for enhanced osteogenesis and osseointegration


Kelvin Yeung

Bone allograft with magnesium enriched tissue microenvironment promotes large bone defect healing


Yefeng Zheng

Biodegradable Zn based alloys designed for future orthopedic application





Tero Järvinen

Systemically administered wound-homing peptide accelerates wound healing by activating syndecan-4 dependent cell migration pathway


Virpi Muhonen

Career case: From cartilage regeneration researchers to entrepreneurs in a medical device start-up





Denis Barritault

RGTA based matrix therapy in regenerative medicine: Background and recent developments in tendinopathies


Louis Casteilla

MSC/ASC safety and potency assays: Where we stand?



Jerome Guicheux

Stem cells and biomaterials for the regenerative medicine of intervertebral disc: When developmental biologists meet tissue engineers


Christian Jorgensen

MSC based therapy for severe osteoarthritis of the knee: the ADIPOA experience


Catherine Levisage

Mesenchymal stem cell encapsulation in alginate micro-particles for intra-articular injection in osteoarthritis


Pierre Weiss

Silated hydrogels in bone regenerative medicine






Alison Agres

The effect of Achilles tendon rupture on human muscle-tendon unit function


Denitsa Docheva

Mechanisms of tendon generation, degeneration and regeneration


Bernd Grimm

Mobility parameters from activity monitors for orthopaedic outcome assessment


Thomas Grupp

Advanced biomechanical testing – examples from the field of orthopaedic device modularities & cemented implant fixation in knee arthroplasty


Holger Jahr

Microenvironmental regulation of osteoarthritic chondrocyte function


Hans Jörg Meisel

The biology – Bone graft versus substitutes for spinal fusion


Jan Philippe Kretzer

Tribological studies of joint replacements



Bernd Rolauffs

Engineering the shape and behaviour of mesenchymal stromal cells through biophysical cues


Elizabeth Rosado

Transcript-activated matrix: Scaffold based delivery of mRNA for enhanced bone repair


Prasad Shastri

Towards a biophysical framework for mesenchymal stem cells fate choices


Sandra Utzschneider

Biological activity of wear particles in vivo



Martijn van Griensven

Enthesis regeneration with topographically designed scaffolds and growth factors


Britt Wildemann

Cellular and molecular processes during human Achilles tendon healing





Maria Chatzinikolaidou

Designing composite biomaterials to control biological and mechanical features in bone tissue engineering


Nikolaos Diakakis

Is synovial fluid a mirror of equine joint pathophysiology? Review of the tribological identity of equine synovial fluid





Frank Barry

Cell strategies for cartilage repair



Manus Biggs

The functional response of mesenchymal stem cells to electron-beam patterned elastomeric surfaces presenting micron to nanoscale heterogeneous rigidity


John Carey

Global burden of musculoskeletal diseases: A global crisis in need of funding


Owen Clarkin

The future of bioactive glasses in bone tissue engineering


Cynthia Coleman

Mesenchymal stromal cell therapy supports diabetic femoral fracture healing


Sean Cummings

Finding the ‘sweet spot’: Timing patent applications to your advantage


Garry Duffy

Sustained release of targeted therapy with a replenishable implant reservoir


Nicholas Dunne

Delivery of self-assembling osteogenic nanoparticles via a thermo-responsive nanofibre reinforced hydrogel


Andrea Fitzpatrick

Identifying your audience



Matthew Griffin

Immunogenicity of allogeneic MSCs: More to the story



Sarah Gundy

Creating impactful public engagement



David Hoey

Loading-induced bone formation: A role for the skeletal stem cell primary cilium


Stephen Kearns

The role of orthobiologics in treating osteochondral lesions


Daniel Kelly

3D Bioprinting for bone and cartilage Regeneration



Oran Kennedy

The role of subchondral bone damage and bone marrow lesions in post-traumatic osteoarthritis


Geraldine McCarthy

Calcium-containing crystals – a potential therapeutic target in osteoarthritis


Patrick McGarry

Free-energy analysis of cell spreading on ligand-coated elastic substrates


Laoise McNamara

Multi-scale, multidisciplinary research into bone mechanobiology during normal physiology and osteoporosis to enhance bone regeneration and therapeutic approaches

Ciara Murphy

Manipulating bone metabolism – Old drugs, new tricks



Mary Murphy

Cell therapy for immune modulation in osteoarthritis



Fergal O’Brien

Non-viral gene activated scaffolds for enhanced bone & cartilage repair


Timothy O’Brien

GMP manufacture of MSCs for clinical trials



Eoin O’Cearbhaill 

A novel microneedle-based platform that achieves repeatable insertion and robust anchorage to soft tissue


Abhay Pandit

Being a good guest: The host-implant paradigm



Leo Quinlan

Effectiveness of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) in assisting functional recovery following total knee arthroplasty


Yury Rochev

Smart biomaterials in musculoskeletal tissue engineering


Kieran Ryan

Commercialising university technology



Anne Scott

Leadership in universities in the 21st century: A personal view


Caroline Spillane

Female leadership in STEM



Eva Szegezdi

Generation of bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cell-derived ECM for therapeutic applications and beyond


Ted Vaughan

Biomechanics of orthopaedic surgical cutting processes – Experimental and computational modelling





Sofia Avnet

Extracellular microenvironment dictates the fate of mesenchymal stromal cells


Nicola Baldini

Tumor microenvironment and the behavior of bone cancer


Alessandro Bistolfi

New approaches to reduce bacterial adhesion on polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)


Ruggero Cadossi

Adenosine receptors as a biological pathway for the anti-Inflammatory and beneficial effects of low frequency low energy pulsed electromagnetic fields


Riccardo Ferracini

Mesenchymal stem cells from adipose tissue represent an asset for orthopaedic regenerative medicine


Marta Miola

Innovative PMMA-based bone cements containing a single inorganic phase with bioactive and antimicrobial properties


Gianluca Vadalà

Cross-talk between muscle and cartilage: The myokine irisin attenuates osteoarthritis-related cartilage degeneration


Chiara Vitale-Brovarone

3D printing of bone-like scaffolds containing mesoporous glasses to treat osteoporotic fractures





Yutaka Inaba

Evaluation of the effect on hip surgeries using finite element analysis


Naomi Kobayashi

Role of molecular diagnosis in periprosthetic joint infection


Michiaki Takagi

Innate immune sensors and selective autophagy in periprosthetic joint infection


Mitsugu Todo

Assessment of vertebra strength using CT-image based finite element method




The Netherlands

Chris Arts

Osteomyelitis treatment; options, results and level of evidence


Jan de Boer

Digitalizing life at the cell-biomaterials interface



Eric Farrell

Donor-host interactions in bone tissue engineering: The role of the immune system in endochondral ossification


Sandra Hofmann

Tissue engineering of the bone – As close as we can get?


Sander Leeuwenburgh

Design of novel composite biomaterials for bone regeneration with self-healing and load-bearing capacity


Riccardo Levato

Biofabrication approaches to engineer complex bone and cartilaginous structures





New Zealand 

David Musson

The importance of matrix structure and stiffness for the mechanobiological behaviour of cells in the health and disease of tendons




Northern Ireland

Fraser Buchanan

Natural biosilica as an index for bone healing



Susan Clarke

Marine organisms for bone repair



Pamela J. Walsh

Natural biosilica as an index for bone healing






Manuela Gomes

Magnetic actuation in tissue engineering strategies targeting tendon regeneration





Senentxu Lanceros-Mendez

Electromechanical microenvironments for novel tissue engineering strategies


Maria Angeles Perez-Anson

Patient-specific planning of proximal femoral augmentation: in vitro and in silico approaches




South Korea

Gun-Il Im

Kartogenin-based intra-articular therapeutics to treat osteoarthritis


Shin-Yoon Kim

Bone regeneration of unmet need in large, lateral-located osteonecrotic lesion of femoral head





Philip Procter

Designing a commercial biomaterial for a specific unmet clinical need – An adhesive odyssey






David Eglin

Personalised bioactive implant made by stereolithography for orbital floor fracture repair


Karlmeinrad Giesinger

Boosting performance with ePRO (electronic Patient-reported Outcome)


Sibylle Grad

Pre-clinical testing of biological therapies for the intervertebral disc using whole organ bioreactors


Boyko Gueorguiev

Why and how do locking plates fail?



Mario Morgenster

The clinical reality of preventing, diagnosing and treating fracture-related infections (FRI): focus on biomaterials for antibiotic delivery


Fintan Moriarty

The design and preclinical evaluation of antibiotic releasing biomaterials


Jess Snedeker

Cellular activation of tendon repair by collagen matrix damage


Martin Stoddart

Investigating chondrogenesis under multiaxial load



Florian M. Thieringer

Additive manufacturing for cranio-maxillofacial surgeries


Franz Weber

Osteoconductive microarchitecture realized by additive manufacturing





Feng-Sheng Wang

MicroRNA and histone assembly regulation of osteoarthritis





Hasan Havitcioglu

Current concepts in different scaffold materials and preparation methods for bone tissue engineering


Ahmet Karakasli

A novel anatomical patellar plate for transverse patella fracture – A biomechanical in vitro study





United Kingdom

Adrian Boyd

Enhanced methodologies to engineer the bone-biomaterial interface


Eithne Comerford

Ligament structure and function: How does it relate to disease?


Sophie Cox

Characterisation and delivery of pro-osteogenic vesicles: a new acellular approach to bone tissue engineering?


Matthew Dalby

Nanoscale approaches to mesenchymal stem cell engineering


Jay Dudhia

Mesenchymal stem cell derived extracellular vesicles to modulate the tendon microenvironment in repair strategies


Hazel Fermor

Early intervention therapies for cartilage lesion repair



K. C. Geoffrey Ng

Anatomical and functional parameters provide new insights into the pathomechanics of cam FAI


Richie Gill

Metal-on-metal hip failures: Why did this happen



Liam Grover

Controlling ossification using condensed phosphates



David Hamilton

The role of physiotherapy in knee replacement



Anthony Herbert 

Development of decellularised xenogeneic and allogeneic biological scaffolds for musculoskeletal repair


Colin Howie 

PROMS and change management



Judith Hoyland

Development of cell based regenerative therapies for intervertebral disc degeneration


Ann Kramer

The value of diversity in a growing company



Kyle Legate

Writing for impact: Getting your research into top tier journals


Christine Le Maitre

Cellular senescence in intervertebral disc degeneration is associated with DNA damage and cytoplasmic DNA


Harriet Manning

Innovation in Open Access Publishing



Deborah Mason

Glutamate receptor antagonists alleviate osteoarthritic pain, inflammation and degeneration


Qing-Jun Meng

Circadian rhythms in the musculoskeletal system: implications in health and disease


Ali Mobasheri

Osteoarthritis: Phenotypes and immunometabolic alterations


Richard Oreffo

Skeletal cell based strategies for bone repair – Opportunities and challenges


Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez

Engineering microenvironments for regeneration of bone critical size defects using highly efficiency presentation of BMP-2


Roger Smith

Which is better for augmenting intra-synovial tendon repair – Mesenchymal stem cells or cell-free scaffolds?


Tim Spalding

Clinical state of the articular cartilage repair



Marco Thio

Electrospinning applications in orthopaedic procedures





United States

Roy Aaron

Is osteoarthritis a vascular disease?



Yupeng Chen

Self-assembled nano-structures for RNA delivery against joint inflammation


Susan Chubinskaya

New developments in biologic approaches to articular cartilage regeneration


Michael Detamore

Will chondroinductive materials revolutionize cartilage regeneration?


Peter Gingras

The design, development, and manufacture of biomaterials: The practice and value of biomimicry


Vaida Glatt

Influence of the mechanical environment in healing large bone defects and fractures


Riccardo Gottardi

3D osteochondral microphysiological systems: from cartilage-bone crosstalk, to screening regenerative approaches, to space research


Robert Gray

Complex distal radius fractures



Edward Greenfield

Do bacteria contribute to aseptic loosening of orthopaedic implants?


Nathan Hoekzema

Distal humerus ORIF in 2018; tips and tricks to optimizing outcomes


Brian Johnstone

Articular cartilage progenitor cells



Amy Ladd

Gendered innovations



Deana Mercer

Avoiding complications in distal radius fracture fixation


Betsy Nolan

Patient reported outcome measures in shoulder and elbow surgery: A guide for non-clinicians


Patrick O’Connor 

Cox-2 expression in osteoclasts promotes fracture healing


Jorge Orbay

Current concepts in the management of traumatic elbow instability


Makarand Risbud

Enigma of nucleus pulposus cell metabolism



Thomas Webster

Fighting orthopedic implant infections without antibiotics but with nanomedicine


Chunfeng Zhao

Engineered tendon complex for rotator cuff repair and regeneration


Donghui Zhu

Biometals for regenerative and translational medicine