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Invited speakers 


Anthony S. Weiss

Elastic biomaterials and accelerated bone repair





Andreas Traweger

Tendon degeneration and repair – Lessons from tendon development and ageing





David A. Hart

Mesenchymal stem/progenitor cell heterogeneity within and between tissue sources: Impact on suitability for specific applications



Robin Mason

Sex, gender, and fracture repair: Considerations in research and clinical practice





Gang Li

The biological insights of distraction histogenesis and novel clinical applications





Denitsa Docheva

Mechanisms of tendon generation, degeneration and regeneration



Britt Wildemann

Cellular and molecular processes during human Achilles tendon healing





Manus Biggs

The functional response of mesenchymal stem cells to electron-beam patterned elastomeric surfaces presenting micron to nanoscale heterogeneous rigidity



Nicholas Dunne

Delivery of self-assembling osteogenic nanoparticles via a thermo-responsive nanofibre reinforced hydrogel



David Hoey

Loading-induced bone formation: A role for the skeletal stem cell primary cilium



Geraldine McCarthy

Glutamate receptor antagonists alleviate osteoarthritic pain, inflammation and degeneration



Laoise McNamara

Multi-scale, multidisciplinary research into bone mechanobiology during normal physiology and osteoporosis to enhance bone regeneration and therapeutic approaches




Nicola Baldini

Tumor microenvironment and the behavior of bone cancer




The Netherlands

Jan de Boer

Digitalizing life at the cell-biomaterials interface




Northern Ireland

Pamela J. Walsh

Natural biosilica as an index for bone healing




Susan Clarke

Marine organisms for bone repair





Manuela Gomes

Magnetic actuation in tissue engineering strategies targeting tendon regeneration



United Kingdom

Deborah Mason

Glutamate receptor antagonists alleviate osteoarthritic pain, inflammation and degeneration



United States

Betsy Nolan

Patient reported outcome measures in shoulder and elbow surgery: A guide for non-clinicians



Jarret D. Cain

OGF-OGFr pathway in diabetic wound and fracture healing



Joel Gagnier

Patient reported outcomes in clinical research and patient care



Vaida Glatt

Influence of the mechanical environment in healing large bone defects and fractures



Edward Greenfield

Do bacteria contribute to aseptic loosening of orthopaedic implants?



George Luta

Correct statistics for orthopaedics