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EORS 2018 will discuss advances, challenges and opportunities in orthopaedic, musculoskeletal and trauma education, research, career development, women leadership, commercialisation, clinical translation and outreach. The following symposia and workshops have already been accepted.

3D printing Extracellular matrix Osteoarthritis
Aseptic loosening Extracellular vesicles Osteomyelitis
AOCMF symposium Fracture Osteoporosis
Biomechanics Functional biomaterials Polymers
Bioprinting Gait analysis Statistical methods
Bioreactors Gene therapy Nanomedicine
Bone Hand & Wrist Orthobiologics
Cancer Hip ORS-ISFR symposium
Cartilage Hydrogels Outreach
Cell-Biomaterial interface Imaging Patient reported outcomes
Ceramics Immune tissue engineering Pathophysiologies
Career development In silico models Personalised medicine
Cell therapy In vivo models Rehabilitation
Clinical trials In vitro models Regulatory compliance
Commercialisation Infection RESPINE H2020 symposium
Composite biomaterials Injectable systems Responsive biomaterials
Decellularised tissues Intervertebral disk Shock wave therapy
Diabetic healing Joint Shoulder
Distraction histogenesis Knee Spine
Drug delivery Ligament Surgery
Education Marine biomaterials Tendon
Elbow Mechanotransduction Trauma
Electroactive biomaterials Metals TTT H2020 symposium
Electromagnetic energy Minimal invasive surgery Scalability and manufacturing
Electrospinning Muscle Stem cells
Engineered cells Obesity Women leadership